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mrjamesdarcy's Journal

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jamesdarcy.org was previously jamesdarcy.net (which is now owned by the fantastic Stef) and is currently down, but will be returning in the near-ish future. All galleries and so forth have been saved.

Welcome to the one and only Community for talented English actor James D'Arcy. I've been a fan of James for years, he's been in tons of British 'Classical' Period Drama's and films but seeing as he recently starred in Master & Commander with Russell Crowe and Billy Boyd, and The Exorcist : TB his popularity should increase! James is well known for writing letters to fans, so if he writes back to you we'd love to know!

Qwner/Creator = Clare
This community moved from community/jamesdarcy for reasons.

Please use the cut tag when posting Pictures
Please refrain from posting quizzes
Icons and Wallpapers very much allowed! Just lj-cut them!
Movie Spoilers should also be under a cut.